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Welcome to the Cenarion Vigil!

The Cenarion Vigil is a cross-faction nature guild with both a horde and alliance side.  It is designed to rescue RP from the endless conversations in Stormwind and Silvermoon and bring it to the world in a unique and engaging way that rewards creativity, good roleplaying and competent PvP.  Our primary tool is the use of ventrilo to coordinate actions across factions during events so that PvP becomes responsive to the roleplaying story.

The Cenarion Vigil is a group of night elf and tauren under the command of the dryad Kusuma, and loyal to the late demi-god Cenarius.  We ally ourselves with the Cenarion Expedition and the Cenarion Circle but have cut ties with both the Horde and Alliance whose warfare has broken the sacred bond uniting the druids.  Unlike the Cenarion Expedition and Circle who tend to the land and repel invasions from unnatural forces, the Vigil see the humanoid races as our domain.

Ten thousand years ago, the use of unbounded magic and desire for power led the Elves to attract the demonlord Achimonde and almost destroyed Azeroth itself.  Humbled by this disaster, the elves were shaped by the god Cenarius, who instructed them on how to give up their personal ambition, lust for power, and need to dominate and replaced these with a humble druidic philosophy that held the survival of life itself as its core principle. The Vigil feels it is time for the other races to learn these lessons.  Toward that end, the Cenarion Vigilants travel about the world finding and testing members of the horde and alliance to weed out the vile, weak or arrogant individuals who would do harm to the ecology of life.  Those who pass the tests of courage, skill, or compassion are rewarded.  Those who fail are culled like the chaff from the wheat.  The world will not survive if the humanoid races are not shaped as the night elves once were 10,000 years ago.

Guild Attitude and Philosophy
  One of the most destructive (to creativity, fun, community and roleplay) features of warcraft is the constant striving for status.  It leads to obsession over fairly minor gear distinctions, hurt feelings in PvP, annoying arrogant comments about who killed who with what advantages, and generally encourages discord instead of a cooperative fun play.  There is an IC and OOC means we try to minimize these problems.

OOC: Our philosophy, in fact the point of the guild, is to find other characteristics to reward, such as creativity, quick thinking, and good roleplaying.  We will not seek to be the best guild in any way other than that on this server.  When people think of the Cenarion Vigil I want them to remember really fun experiences, not how quickly we downed a boss or how frequently we raided a city.  Additionally, we want to reward those traits in people we interact with, and take out our frustration on those who fail.  To some extent we then become the judge of those we interact with in a rather arrogant way that parallels the IC arrogance of a group that attempts to shape the other races.

IC:  The Cenarion Vigil is simply above others in wisdom.  The night elves have lived for thousands of years, guided by Cenarius, and have learned that personal goals, status, and a desire to conquer and control need to be subjugated for the benefit of creation and the health of Azeroth.  The other races (enlightened taurens excepted) have not learned this lesson - thus explaining their role in the return of the Burning Legion, the corruption of the orcs and the birth of the Lich King.  We look at the others as an owner would a pet.  What they think of us is irrelevant.  To argue with them would make about as much sense as arguing with a child.  It is tacky and accomplishes nothing.  To be a strong member of the Cenarion Vigil, you must be willing to relinquish your desire to impress your friends and enemies.  The Vigil will not bring you glory, but it will save existence itself.

What do we do?
  In addition to the usual guild activity such as battlegrounds, dungeon runs, leveling alts, etc., the Cenarion Vigil engages in three related cross-faction activities:

1.  We wander the world and test the worth of those we find.  With both alliance and horde characters we engage the individuals in RP or PvP scenarios with real interactive villains, PvP objectives, and dynamic storylines that adjust for what the individuals do.  When the Vigil roleplays that there is an evil warlock has enslaved local peasants- there really is one.

2.  Like the Cartel Enforcers before us, the Cenarion Vigil keeps a list of enemies (mostly RP griefers, ninja looters and other scum) who are tracked and "rebirthed" at our leisure.  We will do our best to be responsive to the RP community should they bring any cases of RP griefing to our attention.  Unlike the Cartel, we do not hire out our services and do not answer to anyone regarding who we killed and why.

3.  The Vigil is actively watching the war between the horde and alliance, monitoring both sides to ensure neither wins decisively.  The land and people can survive a war, but they cannot survive domination by one side.  The Vigil has been known to join the weakened side in such disputes, or even coordinate fights between enemies in areas where they do less damage to innocents.
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